Expressions of Interest

We are seeking expressions of interest from poultry producers to participate in early access trials of our brooding technology over the coming months.  An expressions of interest does not mean you are committed to trailing our brooder, simply that you are willing to be contacted by a member of the MimicTec team to discuss your preferred production method and how our brooding technology could be used on your farm.

Who Can Participate

We're happy to work with farmers of any size, production method, or type of poultry. From pasture producers, free range or mainstream growers. We can work with layers, broilers, heritage breeds and even ducks!

What is involved

The first step will be to send through an information pack that provides more details about the brooder. Secondly we will follow this up with an initial discussion which will simply be a one-on-one consultation to ensure our product will suit your needs and gather feed back. The third step is then using our brooder technology in a small section of a shed over the course of a single grow-out period to demonstrate its effect in a farming environment. There is no requirement to commit to the second or third step after recieving the information pack or initial consultation.

If you are a poultry producer or if you know anyone who wants to improve their poultry business - and animal welfare at the same time - we would love to hear from you!


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Your privacy is important to us. We will not share your personal details with any third party organisations or use data for any other purpose than that agreed above.