How does PeckTec work?

About PeckTec


How does PeckTec work?

About PeckTec


How PeckTec Works

MimicTec has developed the PeckTec© system to direct the natural pecking behaviour of chicks encouraging them to eat and drink earlier and more often.

The patented PeckTec© product clips onto feeders and drinkers in commercial poultry sheds and is designed to improve the feed use efficiency, weight gain variation and the welfare of commercial meat chickens.


Step 1: PeckTec is installed by our team

We understand not all farms are the same, so we have designed the PeckTec system to be modular and to fit in a wide variety of shed types and sizes.

Step 2: Pecktec is Turned on after chicks are placed

The PeckTec system encourages chicks to eat and drink more often and more effectively. It does this by replicating the way mother hens teach chicks to forage for food and water. All farmers need to do is turn the system on 30 minutes after their chicks are placed.



Step 3: Pecktec is turned off after 7-10 days

We have found the PeckTec system is most effective during the first week after chicks are placed. This gives chicks the best possible start to life.

Step 4: Clean and repeat

The entire PeckTec© system can be cleaned alongside the feeders and drinkers in the shed. It is designed to be disinfected and pressure hosed down just like everything else. You can leave PeckTec© in the shed between batches.

The PeckTec© system can be used batch after batch, it’s designed for you to set it and forget it!


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PeckTec Features

  • Durable plastic flag attracts chicks to unit and drinker points

  • Red plastic head "pecks" in the direction of drinker nib to direct chick attention to drink

  • Motion is parallel to drinker line to maximise chick-height visibility and minimise shed floor space taken up

  • System is highly modular, and designed in 2 metre lengths to fit all shed sizes

  • Units are pneumatically driven, minimising in-shed electrics and maximising in-shed durability

  • All components are waterproof and can be washed as part of regular maintenance

  • Waterline attachment brackets available for all major waterline and support pipe sizes


PeckTec Video

PeckTec Video

PeckTec Video

For more video footage - please contact us using the link below


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can in hurt chicks?

No - The system is not designed to directly interact with or harm chicks.

Is it waterproof?

Yes - The PeckTec system is IP68 waterproof and can be cleaned along with all other shed equipment.

Do I have to remove the system for cleaning?

No - While it is easy to remove and install the system, it can remain in the shed between batches and is cleaned with all other shed equipment.

Can you set it to ‘sleep’ when the lights are off?

Yes - There is a sleep mode which turns the system off during dark periods. This can be set to align with your regular lighting schedule.

Does the system fit different feeding and drinking systems?

Yes - The PeckTec system can be attached to a  wide variety of drinker and feeder systems.

Is there a PeckTec on every food pan and water nib?

No -  Through extensive testing we have found the impact of the PeckTec system is optimised when units are spaced on every 8th drinker nib and every 4th feeder pan.

How long does installation take?

To install the PeckTec into a 100 - 150m shed takes a day and a half.